1. Consulting, Printed matter and various Websites (yumondo, force sunrise, metaversum, twinity…)

    Link: www.metaversum.com

  2. Website - Force Sunrise Website and CMS for the Online 3D Agency Force Sunrise

    Webseite und CMS fuer die Online 3D Agentur Force Sunrise
    Link: www.forcesunrise.com

    Website - Force SunriseWebsite - Force Sunrise
  3. Art Direction - Yumondo

    Art Direction, Design and Consulting for the social community platform and web 2.0 start-up Yumondo.

    Art Direction, sowie Design und Beratung fuer das Web 2.0 Start-Up / Social Community – Yumondo.

    Link: www.yumondo.com

    Art Direction - YumondoArt Direction - YumondoArt Direction - Yumondoyumondo-screen4.jpg
  4. Design of T-Shirts, Flyer, Brochures and more Giveaways for yumondo.

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