Here is a quick round up of what’s been happening lately at NoMoreSleep™. This is just a small teaser for what’s coming with the big update accompanying our new office and official website launch in the next weeks.
NoMoreSleep, NMS logo
We just finished some print and motion jobs for Absolut Vodka with the help of Timo Boese. We also just delivered printed and motion artworks for the upcoming releases by Culcha Candela on Universal Music. Expect more graphic artworks for the music industry soon.

We are also working on several new websites and projects (perfectprops – Stylingagency in Berlin, Ostwald Helgason Fashionlabel from London, DC 4 Fashionstore in Berlin-Mitte, Saturn Media, M-Schulz agency from Berlin, le gang Streetwear store from Berlin and more identity and web projects coming for clients in Frankfurt, Zurich and Berlin) featuring some really nice inhouse developments. More on those developments also in the next few weeks.

Please check the updates of the following websites we just finished or which we are still working on right while your are reading this.
- Update for Photographer Ingo Robin – now with video uploader in the admin (back end) and video player in the portfolio (front end) thx martin & marcel
- Update for the liveDEMO website with lots of new functionality and new graphics. Also check out the latest flyers and posters in and all around town.
- Update for Anja Wiroth and watch out for the relaunch in the future.

There is also two and half fonts waiting to be dropped with some more extra freebies.
NoMoreSleep round typeface
This is it so far. Expect more details soon. Sorry for just dropping some shorts. If we find the time we’ll update soon. Right now we are just happy that we got the opportunity to work on mentioned projects and that everybody is happy with our work.

If you want to support us with your work please read on here and drop us a mail. We are getting in lots of job applications – keep them coming. For entertainment just proceed to our blog.