Being one of our bigger efforts during the last weeks, the new online Magazine “The European” just had its public launch. We were responsible for Frontend Realisation and Customized Content Management System for The European Publishing GmbH as well as Consulting in web related questions and the concept.

The European contains a broad variation of topic related debates and discussions, also giving the reader the chance to state his or hers opinion by integrating lots of smart social media features.

This website needed a solid solution and a easy to use Editorial Backend. With this loads of content and the idea behind the magazine in mind, we came up with customized Content Management System based on Ruby-on-Rails that combines Usabilty with a smart approach of cross-linking opinions, debates, pictures and videos.
It serves all the purposes needed for this type of Magazine.

The centerpiece of the system is a strong interconnective database, which enables the editors to easily relate any piece of content to one another. Every piece of content is part of a large pool and can be put together and connected in any context needed. This way, generated content becomes much more dynamic within the system and editors can make quick content adjustments and react on a short note, whenever needed.

Please enjoy reading The European and watch how it grows.