Freunde von Freunden

Freunde von Freunden

We finally finished the project we’ve been working on with a lot of love in our freetime. Our new interview format Freunde von Freunden is now online. The format aims to document NoMoreSleep’s network of friends, partners and creative people around Berlin in their living or workspace. With the help of professional photographers such as Ailine Liefeld and lots of love for individual visual details, FvonF transports great living perspectives and offers an exclusive look behind the scenes.

We started with these three interviews last week: Nikolaus Jagdfeld (owner of Cabinet at Quartier 206), Victoria Chirita (enterpreneur & founder of and Tim Dobrovolny (photographer & music manager).

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We would like to thank our first cooperating partners Unlike and Don’t Panic and all the people involved for supporting the idea and project development.

Please enjoy fvonf.