1. NoMoreSleep-theiconist Since February we are working on our first iPad App. ‘THE ICONIST’ is the digital equivalent of the supplemental magazine ‘Icon’ which is available inside the Sunday Newspaper ‘Welt am Sonntag’ from the Axel Springer AG. The App will be available at Apple’s iTunes store with the launch of the iPad in Germany.

    We are responsible for the overall Information Architecture, Usability, Art Direction, Production and Coding of the digital magazine.
    Find more info in german at Kress, Horizont, Meedia and the Axel Springer website.

    We also did the website, are maintaining the social media channels and with the great help of Peppermill Berlin we produced the product video. The full website will also be available with the Release of the App end of may.

    YouTube Preview Image
  2. lead-awards_freunde-von-freunden

    Freunde von Freunden received the Lead Award 2010 in silver for webmagazine of the year next to Der Feitag (gold) and Zeit online (bronze). We are very proud and totally overwhelmed to be awarded for our most loved personal project.
    We went online with Freunde von Freunden on october 9th in 2009 and are more than happy to receive so much recognition and a Leadaward after only half a year. Thank you to the whole team and our friends, the ones who believe in us, the whole Lead Award jury and especially Markus Peichl.

    We also received a gold award for the website of one our most favorite clients – Mykona. They got the NEG Website Award Berlin/Brandenburg for having the best website as a newly founded company and knowing of the importance of a functional and useable customer orientated website.
    This award makes us also really happy because we have a real strong connection to Michi and Ariel and see them every week. We are trading our design service for their directly imported coffee and enjoy the Mykona coffee every day. Working with Mykona has been one of best decisions we made in 2009.

  3. Here’s a quick roundup of what is currently happening at NoMoreSleep. After a refreshing and small holiday break the year basically started like 2009 ended – with a lot of work and fun. As we are quite busy finishing client, friend and personal projects we felt like giving you a small and quick update for 2010. If you are interested in all the details surrounding our projects and NoMoreSleep itself, please register for our Newsletter and visit our PreRelaunchpage ;).

    So here is a brief summary of new and finished projects from the last 4 weeks which we realised for either longtime friends and clients or new customers and collaborators:

    Ihre Versicherer:NoMoreSleep-IhreVersichererTogether again with Kircher Burkhardt we produced the website (frontend and CMS) ihre-versicherer.de for the campaign of GDV (Gesamtverband der deutschen Versicherer). Read more on the KB website.

    Meconomy by Markus Albers:NoMoreSleep_Meconomy We are very proud to announce the launch of the new website for author Markus Albers‘ second book Meconomy. The book hits the digital bull’s eye in publishing trends and is only available as download. It’s the 3rd website we finished for Markus and we hope it is going to be a success, too. On a sidenote – congratulations to Markus for being the official Berlin correspondent of Monocle magazine now.

    Coming Soon:
    As always there are some “coming soon” projects and due to the confidential nature of our work with Axel Springer Verlag, TBWA and fischerAppelt we are not allowed to talk about it. More on all that as soon as the projects are available for the public.

    Thomas Bendel:NoMoreSleep_ThomasBendel
    The trade of fast code and light content management systems for excellent typography and amazing design with Timo Gaessner works really well. After a small update for his own studio 123buero and development of Milieu Grotesque you can now enjoy beautiful pictures of Thomas Bendel‘s amazing architecture on his new site.

    Please also make sure to check out Tribaspace. NoMoreSleep is responsible for the screendesign and additional consulting in usability and information architecture. As the platform is still developing over the next few months you currently only see a small part of the whole story.

    Ongoing projects and constant clients:
    With somewhat smaller or bigger changes we updated the websites for continues and pleased clients like sleek magazine, mykona, director Christopher Haering, Anja Wiroth agency, perfect props agency, DC4 and Robot Werbeagentur.

    Freunde von Freunden:NoMoreSleep_freundevonfreunden And then there is our own baby and digital interview magazine Freunde von Freunden which received some nice media coverage (Die Zeit Magazin, Stuttgarter Nachrichten, etc.) recently. Watch out for the second season and the redesign with lots of new features and gimmicks.

    NoMoreSleep relaunch:
    And last but not least we are also in the finishing stages of our own website. Our current site doesn’t really represent us and our work any more. It’s now 2 years old and ready for replacement. If you want to know more about the NoMoreSleep relaunch and further details on all the mentioned and some more projects in the pipeline you better get registered for the NMS Newsletter and visit the NoMoreSleep prelaunch page.

    We also renovated our office completely and if you want to visit us in real life or just want to taste the great mykona coffee which keeps us ticking – please feel free to hop by at Mulackstrasse in Berlin.

  4. Ourt latest personal project Freunde von Freunden has met up with Eike Koenig and his grafischer Hort recently. Read the whole story and watch the beautiful pictures by Ailine Liefeld at freundevonfreunden now.

    Eikes grafischer hort at freunde von freunden - nomoresleep

  5. mykona nomoresleep

    Corporate Identity, branding and website with online shop for Mykona

    We developed the corporate identity and website with a nice little javascript based online shop for the Berlin coffee startup Mykona.
    As we love coffee, we really felt associated to work with these guys. We designed the logo, defined the color system and the various coffee bags. We also set up a CMS based website, where you can now easily purchase your favorite flavor via drag & drop.

    Have a look at the mykona website or come around to the NoMoreSleep office for tastings!

  6. the_european-techcrunch.jpg

    One of our latest projects, The European, that we realized together with Team Europe Ventures, is featured with a great written article on Techcrunch today.

    We are, of course, really happy about the positive feedback.
    If you are looking for more information about the project, please check this article.

  7. Freunde von Freunden

    Freunde von Freunden

    We finally finished the project we’ve been working on with a lot of love in our freetime. Our new interview format Freunde von Freunden is now online. The format aims to document NoMoreSleep’s network of friends, partners and creative people around Berlin in their living or workspace. With the help of professional photographers such as Ailine Liefeld and lots of love for individual visual details, FvonF transports great living perspectives and offers an exclusive look behind the scenes.

    We started with these three interviews last week: Nikolaus Jagdfeld (owner of Cabinet at Quartier 206), Victoria Chirita (enterpreneur & founder of designskins.com) and Tim Dobrovolny (photographer & music manager).

    Follow FvonF via twitter and facebook.

    We would like to thank our first cooperating partners Unlike and Don’t Panic and all the people involved for supporting the idea and project development.

    Please enjoy fvonf.

  8. theeuropean.jpg

    Being one of our bigger efforts during the last weeks, the new online Magazine “The European” just had its public launch. We were responsible for Frontend Realisation and Customized Content Management System for The European Publishing GmbH as well as Consulting in web related questions and the concept.

    The European contains a broad variation of topic related debates and discussions, also giving the reader the chance to state his or hers opinion by integrating lots of smart social media features.

    This website needed a solid solution and a easy to use Editorial Backend. With this loads of content and the idea behind the magazine in mind, we came up with customized Content Management System based on Ruby-on-Rails that combines Usabilty with a smart approach of cross-linking opinions, debates, pictures and videos.
    It serves all the purposes needed for this type of Magazine.

    The centerpiece of the system is a strong interconnective database, which enables the editors to easily relate any piece of content to one another. Every piece of content is part of a large pool and can be put together and connected in any context needed. This way, generated content becomes much more dynamic within the system and editors can make quick content adjustments and react on a short note, whenever needed.

    Please enjoy reading The European and watch how it grows.

  9. 3fbfb6d5d2f85e1e7b54f6f64e395af3.jpg

    In an era of mobile devices, instant connectivity, and automated mailing lists and notifications, it is all too easy for people to contact us. As a consequence, we live our lives just trying to keep our heads above water. Our ability to prioritize and control our focus is crippled by an unyielding flow of incoming communication: email, texts, tweets, facebook messages, phone calls, and so on (and on).

    Nice and short advice by Scott Belsky about today’s communication and the (dis)ability to contact anyone anytime and how to handle it in your daily routine.

  10. tumblr_kp8d1zpmry1qz7ywoo1_500.png

    David Kaneda just released the new version of jQTouch, the open source jQuery plugin for mobile development. jQTouch allows developers to create powerful, native-looking apps on the iPhone with just HTML, CSS, and Javascript.The beta has new themes and demos, support for new events, including swipe detection and page transitions, and new options for fullscreen mode, including icon and startup screen. jQTouch is written in HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. Check out the demo video to see it in action!

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